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"We have been members of the CSA, both summer and winter, for several years now. Our CSA membership is important to us in so many ways: The vegetables are incredibly good. They are yummy and healthy and we enjoy them. This supports our goal to eat a majority plant based diet. We are introduced to new vegetables (and old favorites we had forgotten about) including trendy ones. (Here's looking at you Alison Roman.) We are eating local and supporting a local small business which is preserving agriculture in our community. We get to interact with Libby and James who are the best. We split our share with another family and enjoy the camaraderie and community this entails. Picking up a big box of vegetables for the week is convenient and facilitates healthy eating."

- Jean P.  Mansfield CT


Libby and James’s produce is at the Denison Farmers’ Market in Mystic - I joined their CSA a year after I first tried their gorgeous vegetables, and it has been a true joy each week of the season to unpack my share to see what treats are in store.  I grow some vegetables in my own garden but my CSA box is central to my meals during the CSA season.  You simply cannot get this quality and freshness in produce from supermarket, and to buy the equivalent piecemeal at farmers’ markets would cost you more than a Russo’s Roots CSA share.  Perhaps best of all for this California transplant, Russo’s Roots grows vegetables and herbs some of which are rare indeed for this part of the country:  baby ginger so tender it needs no peeling, turmeric, violet Napa cabbage, puntarelle chicory, Asian eggplants, and Shishito peppers, in addition to the most delicious garlic scapes and raspberries and the more “everyday” leafy greens, tomatoes, beans, kohlrabi, potatoes, onions, turnips, carrots, melons, and so on…but even the “everyday” vegetables are exquisitely fresh and so much more delicious than supermarket produce that has been in storage for days if not weeks.  I can’t recommend this CSA enough—if you value freshness and flavour, or are looking to add more vegetables to your meals, or enjoy the occasional challenge of an unusual ingredient, don’t hesitate to join!

- Mia U. Pawcatuck CT


"We finally took the plunge and participated in the CSA for the first time in 2019.  It was the best thing we ever did - the variety and quality was top notch - and it was so convenient to have a local pickup spot!" 

- Jeannette T.  Norwich CT

"We love working with Russo's Roots! The half share is the perfect amount for our household. We love the variety in Spring and Summer and are excited by the opportunity to have fresh, farm grown vegetables in the winter!"

- Jen & Kieran D. Preston CT


We are looking forward to our third season as Russo’s Roots CSA members. We are amazed every week by the quantity and variety of tasty, field fresh veggies. What a joy it is on a hot afternoon to walk into the cooler and pick up our share of crisp, freshly picked veggies, and know that we’ll be feeding our family local organic produce grown with love by Libby and James. Joining Russo’s Roots CSA has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. We’ve saved so much time trying to chase down fresh organic produce, been challenged to try new things, and almost always have something fresh and tasty on hand. And did I mention they even have a swap box if you want to exchange and item for something you’d prefer?

- Connie S. Canterbury CT


"For the last 4 summers and 3 of the last 4 winters I have enjoyed the vegetables from Russo’s Roots as a CSA member. I first encountered them at the Willimantic Farmer’s Market. Libby and James’ vegetables stood out from the crowd. They are high quality, fresh, clean and beautifully displayed. There is a wonderfully wide variety in the CSA share over the course of 3 seasons - - greens, raspberries, tomatoes, carrots, squashes (many types), beans, dried beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon radishes, kohlrabi, turnips, rutabagas, cabbages (several different varieties), leeks, garlic, ginger, turmeric, on and on. Some standards, but always a surprise included. I had never seen fresh turmeric or ginger so fresh it had yet to develop a skin. Each dinner for the last several months it’s as if Libby and James are silent guests at my table. Here it is the 3rd week in January and I have super fresh spinach and kale in my refrigerator from Russo’s Roots. Need I say more?? So grateful."

-Therese H.  Willimantic CT


"We have been members of the Russo’s Roots CSA for 5 years now.  We have enjoyed every minute of it. My husband and I eat a Whole Food Plant based diet and prefer to eat organic whenever we can. James and Libby work so hard every year to make sure that what they grow will be good for all of us. They put their heart and soul into every aspect of their vegetables and fruit. Their produce is so much better than what you could buy at any grocery store. They offer recipes and storage options so you know what to do with the vegetables you receive each week. We love that they offer a winter share when the weather cooperates.  Anyone who might be considering trying out a CSA - I would suggest that you definitely give it a chance and if you have the opportunity to join Russo’s Roots CSA, you will not be sorry!"
-Amy N.  Lisbon CT

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