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the team 

Russo's Roots is a place where we can share our passion for farming, education and the environment, as well as try out new techniques, new resources and as always - some cool new crops!  

james russo

James is a first generation farmer who at a young age started working on farms in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Whether it was spending his summers picking cucumbers or picking off tomato horn worms he always had a keen interest in how plants grow. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts James worked on farms in the Hudson Valley and then on Long Island where he partnered with another farmer and ran a successful 65 acre, 2000 member CSA for 11 years. Ready for his own land and new opportunities, James and Libby purchased the farm that is now Russo's Roots LLC in the winter of 2014. 

libby tarleton

Libby realized her love of farming after college by working on vegetable farms in the Hudson Valley and Long Island and then working with vineyards for 13 years on Long Island. Enjoying the orderliness, creativity and beauty of vineyards, but ready to get back to the seasonality and diversity of vegetables she was completely on board when James was ready to start fresh in Connecticut.  

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