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CSA stands for 


Picture of a CSA Share

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA, is a simple idea in which a person or family becomes a member of our farm by purchasing a farm share. This farm share consists of vegetables specially harvested for the CSA at the peak of freshness each week for 20 weeks. Buying  a share and paying before the season starts, gives the farm a revenue stream at a time when it is needed most, to purchase seeds, potting mix, and other equipment to start farming in the spring. 

You will receive an individual box of fresh, delicious produce each week in a fun and inviting atmosphere. The vegetables will vary as the season progresses but each week there will be a newsletter with recipes and information about what is in your Share. 

If you like fresh vegetables that taste fabulous and cannot be found in the grocery store, a CSA may be right for you. If you want to know who, how and sometimes why your food is grown, join a CSA. This is a direct investment in local agriculture and the farm families that live around you all while preserving your community's rural character. This is truly a system based on community, where you can interact with your neighbors about food, share recipes, ideas and experiences. It is a chance to have fun with your food, be adventurous with your cooking and taste something new.

Picture of a CSA Share


We grow the freshest vegetables with a high nutrient density and fantastic flavor that will have you enjoying eating healthy

Weekly newsletter with cooking tips and veggie nutrient information. 


Convenient pick up locations across Eastern Connecticut with long pick up windows.  


Big family, small family we have both half and full size shares.


Payment plans or pay in full


Add on shares from our partner farms 

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